Aris Papadopoulos

I am Aris Papadopoulos,i was born in 1975 in Athens and i studied photography at the University of Westminster London.I have a BS of of Digital Photography.I was deputy director of photgraphy services at the olympic games of 2004 in Athens,in the program "Athens 2004".I am a professional photographer for the last 20 years and i have covered hundreds of social and corporate events.I photograph with passion professionalism and creativity, having as a main priority to deliver the best outcome possible .



Event photo shoots , so that not a single moment will be lost, we, equipped with special equipment and great experience,we photograph every corporate reception and event, conference, theatrical performance, opening, party, demonstration, lecture.


Present your recipes, dishes and menu, or cocktails, with vivid and attractive photos of food and drinks. We can create interesting concepts that whets the appetite and impresses the viewer. Photography for prints, web and social media, for restaurant menus, delivery, chef catalogs, etc.

Hotels & Stores

Before the customer even chooses you for his final destination, the image of your facilities is, among other things, the thing that will determine his final decision. We use special techniques and equipment to photograph the hotel, the accommodation, the airbnb apartment or the store and your business space. Our photos are ideal for highlighting your space or property.


Each product has special features, which should be accurately captured by the camera lens, along with an ideal background. We photograph your products, according to special specifications about eshops, web, social media, printed catalogs, etc. and we help you stand out against competition.


Make a difference with a 360 degree product photo shoot in your eshop. This technique is ideal for small or medium-sized products such as shoes, modeling products, technology products, watches, jewelry, optical items, works of art. I have special, state-of-the-art equipment to photograph your product all around , in a special rotating plate. Give your customer a unique eshop experience.

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